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Monthly Archives: January 2016

    Harris County H.O.M.E. Program

    By Alfonso Parodi | January 14, 2016

    Recently foreclosed homes purchased by Harris County are being offered for resale at a discount below the County’s total property costs, to pre-qualified buyers who meet the guidelines of the H.O.M.E. program. Please review the Do I Qualify? section on this Website. All homes purchased must be owner occupied for the required affordability period. The... Read More

    Property Tax Exemptions for Homeowners

    By Alfonso Parodi | January 10, 2016

    A homestead exemption helps you save on taxes on your home. An exemption removes part of the value of your assets from taxation and reduces your taxes. For example, if your home is estimated at $100,000 and you qualify for a $20,000 privilege, you pay taxes on your home as if it was worth only... Read More